Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comments on Sarah Palin

I went to Costco today to get some creamer, and as always I stopped at the movie and book tables just to see what they had. This is the end of the book table where the most popular books go.

Michael Chrichton's posthumous book release and Sarah Palin's Going Rogue. Only, they're completely out of Palin's book.

I have never seen an empty spot on Costco's book table. Ever. And I go there for creamer a lot. Needless to say, I didn't buy her book today.

But I did see a thought-provoking column tonight in American Thinker by Robin of Berkeley, who describes her journey into long-time feminism and then back out again just a couple years ago.

What finally woke me up were the utterances of "b[*]tch," "witch," and "monster" toward Hillary Clinton and her supporters early last year. I was shocked into reality: the trash-talk wasn't coming from conservatives, but from male and female liberals.

I finally beheld what my eyes had refused to see: that leftists are Mr. and Ms. Misogyny. Neither the males nor the females care a whit about women.

Then along came Sarah, and the attacks became particularly heinous. And I realized something even more chilling about the Left. Leftists not only sacrifice and disrespect women, but it's far worse: many are perpetuators.

The Left's behavior towards Palin is not politics as usual. By their laser-focus on her body and her sexuality, leftists are defiling her.

They are wilding her. And they do this with the full knowledge and complicity of the White House.

The Left has declared war on Palin because she threatens their existence. Liberals need women dependent and scared so that women, like blacks, will vote Democrat.

A strong, self-sufficient woman, Palin eschews liberal protection. Drop her off in the Alaskan bush and she'll survive just fine, thank you very much. Palin doesn't need or want anything from liberals -- not hate crimes legislation that coddles her, and not abortion, which she abhors.

Palin is a woman of deep and abiding faith. She takes no marching orders from messiah-like wannabes like Obama.

In the wilding of Sarah Palin, the Left shows its true colors. Rather than sheild the vulnerable, leftists will mow down any man, woman, or child who gets in their way. Instead of a movement of hope and change, it is a cauldron of hate.

That "cauldron" is not for your run-of-the-mill Democrats who think they're still voting for FDR or JFK. It's for the true believers, the Hard Left, the ones who marinate themselves in their special poisonous brew of venom they reserve for Sarah Palin.

Good thing Palin keeps a steady supply of optimism as her antivenom against them. It's just too bad that Costco ran out of their supply before I got there.

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Malott said...

Great piece by Berkeley.