Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seeing Green

Sometimes at work when I'm sitting at my desk, I turn my head to look at the computer, and I get a glimpse of green on the keyboard or on the monitor. It's strange. It's intermittent. And I've had trouble discovering the cause.

I started wondering if maybe there was something wrong with my vision. Maybe some retinal affliction that starts small and at the periphery of the field of view and then progresses into a visual condition too horrible to name. Because that's what my mind does to me: It runs off to Worst Case Scenario Land, and the worst can be pretty bad.

Today, though, I found the culprit. On one of the papers I have on the paper-holder stand that secretaries (excuse me, "Admins") use, sticking out to the left, is a hot pink Post-It flag. When I set papers on the stand to type from, I don't even notice the flag, but it notices me and lets me know with its tiny, bright-green ghost that colors my keyboard as I work.

My vision is fine, thank goodness. Except for that presbyopia condition that makes me need my reading glasses, but that's another story altogether.

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