Saturday, August 20, 2011

Punctuation Without Verbalization

Victor Hugo, when he wanted to know how Les Misérables was selling, reportedly telegraphed his publisher with the simple inquiry "?" and received the expressive reply "!"

--Lynn Truss

From my Page-A-Day calendar that has excerpts from Eats, Shoots & Leaves.


Delta said...

oh. that's how you save money using Western Union!! LOL

Chip Owens said...

Sky Puppy, I saw your comment at Michelle Malkin, and since I don't have comment privliges there, I'm speaking to you here. If you're serious that you have a 1924 Gibson mandolin and don't know much about it, you may want to get a reputable apprasial 'cause you may be rich and not know it. Gibson mandos from that era, if singed by Lloyd Loar can be worth a fortune. If you know all this already, then disregard the intrusion. THanks, Chip