Monday, August 29, 2011

TMI Update

Following my overly personal TMI post, I came to a conclusion:

The slippy straps were slippy because they're made of fabric and not elastic. Elastic has gripper qualities that smooth fabrics don't have, so that was the problem. The exploding bra had elastic straps, so they stayed up better.

Following the advice of a couple of the commenters, I went to Nordstroms over the weekend and received some terrific help with my strapitude challenges. All is now well in TMI Land.

'Nuff said.


Bekah said...

"Straptitude challenge" is a term I shall use.

Malott said...


I think we'll all sleep better knowing your principals are secure and comfy.

I found myself humming "Born Free" as I read your post.

SkyePuppy said...


"Secure and comfy" was never the problem. It was having to stop what I was doing to fish the strap back up from the side of my arm where it had fallen and put it back on my shoulder. Constant annoyance now averted. :o)

Delta said...

Skye: Glad you found a resolution to the situation!

Malott? I think you meant to post that last sentence on Elsa's blog, didn't you? ;-D