Monday, July 02, 2007

The Trip - Back on the Road

This is Scooter waiting patiently in the house while my mom and I loaded the motorhome. We left this afternoon and stopped just outside Big Spring, Texas, where we're staying in an actual RV Park. We're still learning the ropes with the motorhome--what works, what doesn't--and trying to decide which things are important enough to get fixed somewhere and which ones to live with for a while.

Our neighbors here at the RV Park have been nice enough to try to help us out with a few little glitches, answering our questions about how the motorhome works (or should work). I'm glad they didn't look down their noses at us for being such rank beginners.

Tomorrow we'll stop at Roy's shop and let him fill up the dashboard air conditioner with Freon. He didn't have time to do that last week, so he told us to come back when we're heading his way again. I'm looking forward to seeing him and his wife again. They're such wonderful people.


Bekah said...

Have I mentioned how cute Scooter is? Someday if my schedule ever calms down enough to have a dog, I'd want just such a cutie!! :)

SkyePuppy said...


I couldn't resist taking the picture, he was so cute just sitting there.

But if you get a little dog, your cats might have something to say about it...

janice said...

He's so cute!

What a good boy, just waiting until he's the next thing carried into the motorhome.

Where you off to next?

Bekah said...

Well I started to add to my "someday" comment - "and if the cats are no longer around." But then that sounded like a cat death wish and I sure don't have that! It reminds me of a conversation I had with my neighbor this weekend. He's older (not sure HOW old, but older) and his wife is failing in health. He's been taking care of her for a long time and he said something to me about "God is big and someday I'll be able to go do what I want." I thought that was the most roundabout reference to her dying that he could possibly come up with. I knew he wasn't trying to be mean, but I had a hard time not smiling at the way he phrased it.