Thursday, September 06, 2007

Amazing Grace DVD

When is Amazing Grace coming out on DVD???? I want to buy it and watch it again and again.

I checked at Amazon, where they have a movie for sale by the same name, but one of the reviews says, "This is not the movie about William Wilburforce the Christian evangelist. This is a horrible movie about HIV and homosexuality." OK. Not the movie I'm looking for.

The William Wilberforce movie came out in late 2006. It's about time they released it on DVD. Pleeaase....


We went to the Christian book store in Abilene today, and I asked the guy at the counter. He said the DVD is scheduled for release December 4th. Such a long wait. Sigh.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Important story that's finally more known about, thanks to the movie. I only first heard of William Wilburforce through Thomas Sowell book reviewing "Bury the Chains".

SkyePuppy said...


I had heard about him, before the movie, as a one-liner: He spent his whole life fighting to end slavery in England. The movie gave flesh to the fight (and the fighter).