Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Trip - Indiana Part II

Today we visited places north of Indianapolis. Our first stop was at the Elwood Haynes Museum, which is housed in his former home in Kokomo.

Haynes was the man who built the first American automobile, pictured here.

But his first passion was metallurgy, not automobiles. He loved making improvements to the metals of his time, using different alloys for different qualities. When his wife, who had to entertain often because of the success of the Haynes automobile, asked him to make her some flatware she wouldn't have to polish all the time, he invented stainless steel.

His doctor and dentist friends loved his invention for their instruments. And, well, you know the rest...

Our second visit was to Conner Prairie Living History Museum in Fishers. It's the kind of place where you go back in time, to 1836. They had animals...

A donkey who wanted to pose.

A cow who saw her buddy the donkey getting all the attention and ran over for her turn at the camera.

An Australian Shepherd hanging out behind the fence near some sheep.

They also have artisans who will tell you about their craft.

A weaver (she wasn't part of the 1836 area) who was making strips of carpet for the Conner House.

A potter making a flower vase.

And the buildings looked properly rough-hewn and weathered. This is the storage alcove for the general store.

Conner Prairie was a lot of fun, especially chatting with the historical folks, who stayed in character and had so much information about what "their life" was like in their day. Thumbs up.


Bekah said...

And now I know what the museum looks like! Not only had I never been there - I don't believe I've ever seen it! And I certainly didn't know the stainless steel story. See how much I learn from you?

Glad Connor Prairie was a thumbs up for you. You had such a super day yesterday to be out at a places like that. I got a sunburn mowing and wallking. I could have done without that part.

Malott said...

It's a long drive, but I may have to visit.