Monday, September 03, 2007

The Trip - Back in Cisco

We've finished our Western Loop, and we're back in Cisco doing all those things you do at the end of a trip (laundry, cleaning). And then we'll start doing all those things you do before a trip (oil change, restocking).

This morning, Scooter went into a frenzy, snarling and barking at something he saw out the front window. He ran through the doggie door into the back yard and barked some more, then came back in and looked out the front window to see if it was gone, but he kept up the snarling and barking.

The snarling is not part of his normal repertoire, so we looked out the front door to see what was upsetting him, and we saw this puppy.

She's adorable, and she whined so piteously that it broke my heart. Unfortunately, she'll grow up to be an unadorable pit bull, and we don't want one of them. Hard as it was, we shut the door on her, and I picked up Scooter so he'd calm down.

The puppy wandered around my mom's street, following one family on a walk and getting their toddler boy excited. Later, the new neighbor kids, who hadn't quite moved in when we left for the West, brought the puppy to our door to ask if she was ours. It made sense: People they'd never seen come back from a trip the same time that a puppy they'd never seen shows up. They must belong together...

But somebody must have taken pity on the puppy, because the next time we saw her, her tummy was rounder than her ribcage. Even well-fed, she still whined and tried her best to be irresistible. When it was time for us to head off to Wal-Mart, she followed me to the car door, and after I shut it, she started walking under the car. So I had to get out and pick her up, and my mom backed the car out of the driveway. Then I put the puppy down and ran to the car. She tried to follow, but we ditched her. As we rounded the corner, I could see her standing in the middle of the driveway, watching us go. It was so sad.

After we got back from Wal-Mart, the puppy was gone, and we didn't see her all evening. Tomorrow, if she comes back, we'll have to call the dog catcher.

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