Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Trip - Ohio

We've spent most of our time in Ohio visiting friends and family, rather than sightseeing.

Ohio is beautiful this time of year, but then I'd be hard-pressed to find a place that isn't. I noticed once again how much the countryside changes at the state line. Ohio has more trees than Indiana, and it's grassier. I don't understand how that works. The states have no natural borders where we crossed, just a straight line on the map and a "Welcome to Ohio" sign next to the road, but somehow the grass grows better east of the line. This picture was taken while we were driving, because--like Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma--there aren't any good shoulders or turnouts for stopping to get pictures.

My mom and I are close to getting whiplash from all the swivel-necking we've done, looking at the houses in the Midwest. Lots of farmhouses with wrap-around porches, or fancy brickwork, or Victorian embellishments, or classic Colonial styles. There were even a couple houses that made the Addams Family theme song run throught my head. I stopped (in the car, not the motorhome) in a couple people's driveways to get a picture of their houses.

This is the kind of house that makes me say, "Ahh..." It's an updated version of an old farmhouse with a nice, big porch. A house should have a porch. In California, a porch is just a cement slab by the front door where people stand when they ring your doorbell to ask you if you'll subscribe to the newspaper and help them win a fabulous prize. But in the Midwest, porches are made to be noticed, to be used.

This is the kind of house that makes me say, "Would you look at that!" Of course, I took its picture.

My cousin told us that Ashtabula County, which is the next county over from our campground, has a bunch of covered bridges. I looked them up, and there are 15. I charted a route to eight of them, and this morning we drove to see them and take pictures, before hooking the car back up to the motorhome and heading out.

Harpersfield Road Covered Bridge, longest covered bridge in Ohio:

Netcher Road Covered Bridge:

Riverdale Road Covered Bridge:

My cousin told us something else, and I found it hard to believe, but she was certain, having lived in Cleveland for most of her life. She said Niagara Falls is only three hours away. We have to get out of Ohio, go through Pennsylvania, and then some of New York. And it's only three hours. We'll get to Niagara Falls today. I never would have guessed.


Julie North said...

Hi Brenda,
It's been really fun following your trip through your blog. Bob, Samantha and I are really looking forward to the Florida/Cruise leg of your trip :) I can't wait to talk cameras! See you in a few months. Julie North (Judy's Daughter)

SkyePuppy said...


I'm glad you've been following along. We're looking forward to the cruise too! See you soon.

Malott said...

Beautiful pictures!

janice said...

It was nice visiting with you and your Mom while you came through Ohio.
After you left, Nick said we should have told you about the Westside Market while you were in the Cleveland area. It's much better than the Seattle market.

Enjoy your trip north of the border.

SkyePuppy said...


We had a wonderful visit with you! And we missed the Westside Market. I think my cousin mentioned it, but we decided to sit on the beach at the end of SR 44 instead. It was the perfect way to relax.

Bekah said...

That white house with the porch - BEAUTIFUL. I love to look for "perfect houses" when I'm out driving, and that is the sort of house that would be on my list.