Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jesus & Mary in a Pancake

Photo credit: Dana O'Kane

The St. Petersburg Times reported November 20, 2007, on the latest sighting of Jesus. This time, He was seen with His mother in a pancake.

The grainy image emerged from a batch of Great Value pancake mix, bought at Wal-Mart for $1.25 - a suitably humble beginning for a wanna-be apparition.

Port St. Lucie resident Dana O'Kane said she discerned the outline of Jesus and Mary in the mottled pancake and took it as a reassuring sign from her recently departed father.

Two weeks ago, her mother was about to apply chocolate powder to a batch of pancakes when she noticed headlike shapes at the edge of one.

Her mother, though, did not want to be associated publicly with a Jesus pancake. But she did telephone her daughter, who lives nearby, to come for a viewing.

O'Kane said a halo over one figure tipped her off.

"I know it's Jesus and Mary," she said. "It's unmistakable."

I've mentioned this kind of Jesus sighting before, and I have to say the pancake is unmistakably NOT Jesus and Mary. It looks more like the wide-mouthed Creature from the Black Lagoon (right) and the girl he carried away (or did he only try to carry her away, it's hard to remember the details of the movie).

I don't know when the news media is going to stop reporting the sighting of indiscriminate blobs as Jesus. The Bible says He dwells in the hearts of the people who believe in Him. He doesn't dwell in pancakes or kitchen cabinets or the stain on your favorite jeans.

O'Kane's mother is the smart one here, for not wanting "to be associated publicly with a Jesus pancake."

Related Note:

It looks like they're doing a remake of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, set for a 2008 release date. IMDB says the movie is still in production.


Malott said...

Remarkable things like this simply do not happen by chance.

...And they say there is no God.

Bekah said...

And if Jesus and Mary were to make a pancake appearance, I would imagine they wouldn't choose the wal mart brand. :)

janice said...

Bekah, I too would want Jesus and Mary to make an appearance on oh say, Miss's Butterworths or Log Cabin. Only the best for the Holy family.

But Skye said, our Lord came from humble beginnings. You can't get any more humble than Walmart brand pancake mix.

Do you think she'll sell it on eBay like the "Holy grilled cheese sandwich" owner did?