Sunday, June 22, 2008

Empowering Iraqi Women

Photo credit: Lance Cpl. Albert F. Hunt

See-dubya at Michelle Malkin's blog posted Friday about new training in Iraq, referencing a press release from the Marine Corps, dated June 5, 2008. Hmmm. I wonder if the mainstream media will pick up the story.

From the press release:

The training program designed to strengthen Iraqi Security Forces and employ women in the fight against terrorist activity has expanded in Al Anbar province as several new recruits graduated and became the Sisters of Ameriyah-Ferris here on June 5.

The Sisters participated in classes held near the towns of Ameriyah and Ferris. 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines was augmented by the female search teams of Combat Logistics Battalion 1 who came out and taught the five-day training.

To thoroughly train the new Sisters to assist Iraqi Police, the Sisters studied topics such as police ethics, human rights, women’s issues, working in a terrorist environment, female searches and first aid. The Sisters also performed live-fire training with AK-47 rifles and 9mm pistols as a confidence booster. The final stage before graduation involved putting their newly learned skills to the test with on-the-job training at entry control points to Ferris Town.

One of the new graduates said the Iraqi Police of Ferris Town told her about this job opportunity. She said this is her first job and it is a new challenge that she is happy and brave enough to take on.

“I joined to help the Iraqi Police and to help my family,” she said. “I’m proud to get this job. I’m proud to help the Iraqi Police. I’m going to make the city safer. I can prevent illegal passengers in the city. I’m so proud, I’m so happy.”

And the best part is that she can shoot a gun. That's real Girl Power. The feminists in America must be so pleased.


Tsofah said...

uhhh, not sure if this is good or bad?

If I lived in Iraq, I'd want to know how to shoot a gun. But, then again, I would know who's side I'm on.

SkyePuppy said...


I think this is good. Anytime women want to get involved in defending law and order in a formerly lawless area, that's good. And they'll need to know how to use guns, because the bad guys and girls will have guns or worse.

Plus, I enjoy a little jab at the anti-gun crowd.