Monday, June 23, 2008

Sports Bra Saves Stranded Hiker

The AP (Shhh! Don't tell!) reported today that a stranded hiker used her sports bra to call for help. Not a direct quote, because I can't afford to pay for excerpts:

Jessica Bruinsma, 24, used her sports bra to signal for help after she got lost in the Swiss Alps and fell 15 feet to a rocky ledge. She dislocated her shoulder and couldn't climb her way out, so she stayed on the ledge and drank water from a supply box that was either already on the ledge waiting for her or that fell with her (the AP story is unclear, so I don't know why anybody would quote directly from it anyway).

Jessica, from Colorado, was able to reach a loose timber-transport cable, so she removed her sports bra and attached it to the cable, retaining her shirt and coat for warmth. Later, when a repairman fixed the cable and got it moving again, they were surprised to see the bra. Having heard that people were searching for a woman, the workers notified the proper authorities, who found Jessica and airlifted her in a helicopter. Her ordeal lasted 70 hours, and because she was in good shape (training for a marathon), she is on the road to recovery.

Ladies, let this be a lesson. If you need to get a man's attention, there's no better way than removing your bra and using it as a signal. A signal for what, I'll let you decide...


Christina said...

This certainly would have saved some time in my dating years! (just kidding!)

Seriously, what a smart woman. She most certainly saved her own life with a little ingenuity.

SkyePuppy said...


A friend of mine emailed me with a detail I hadn't considered: How did Jessica get the sports bra off with a dislocated shoulder?!? Now I have even more admiration for her.

Bekah said...

I intended to comment on this one earlier in the week but I was sidetracked and forgot to come back and write!

That is certainly impressive!! ESPECIALLY with the dislocated shoulder. I am not "survivorish" enough to think of things like this. But then again, I tend to stay out of the Alps. Not a lot of fifteen foot drops on my walking trails.

Christina, you do have an excellent point. Maybe THIS is where I've gone all wrong. ;)