Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gas Prices

I. Cannot. Believe. How. Fast. The. Gas. Prices. Are. Rising.

There are two gas stations at the main intersection just west of my house. One is a Shell station and the other is an Arco station, which doesn't take credit cards, so its prices are always 4 - 10 cents cheaper than the Shell station's prices.

Last night, when I drove past the Arco station, the cheapest gas was up to $4.31 a gallon. Today, at 3:15 pm, it was at $4.34 a gallon.

Exactly one hour later, the price at the same gas station was $4.38. It's making last year's shock at a gas station in the middle of nowhere charging a dollar per gallon more than everywhere else seem like a happy dream.

When will it end?


Bekah said...

I so agree with you. I try hard not to ponder the gas/food prices too much because those two areas are truly already the most conservative pieces of my budget. I'm not sure what more I could do to cut out frivoloities.

Several years ago, I was a bit of a joke among my friends because I would literally limit my out of town trips to two a month because of how low my gas budget was. I've doubled it now - and still rarely leave. Pretty crazy.

Too bad the cats can't work and make a financial contribution.

Malott said...


May I suggest you sell your cats for medical experiments.

I hope that helps.

Bekah said...

I would answer, but my jaw is dropped clear to the floor. Probably in about 3-5 hours I'll have a clever and somewhat smart-mouthed response. But don't wait too eagerly - it might take even longer than that.

SkyePuppy said...

Bekah & Chris,

I'm staying outta this one...