Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heading for Texas

I whined, back at the beginning of 2007, about my frequent flyer miles. They expire at the end of this year, and I have a ton of them.

So I decided to use most of them up by flying to Texas to see my mom and my sister for the weekend. I even have enough to go first class, so that's what I'm doing.

This morning was Medical Assisting class, and I don't have to be back again until Tuesday, so I'm flying out tomorrow and flying back home on Monday. Naturally, our instructor assigned us more homework today than is good for us, and I had to do it all today, which took me all afternoon and most of the evening, but it's done and ready for Tuesday's class.

In the morning I'll drive over to the train station, park the car (parking is free), and leave a message for my daughter telling her where it is so she can pick it up after work and drive it home. Then I'll take the train to downtown San Diego, catch the bus to the airport, and be ready to go. Total cost by train & bus will be less than the gas it takes for somebody to drop me off.

I haven't heard back from the job interview I had Monday. They said I was their last interviewee and that they hoped to be close to a decision by the end of this week, with the winning person to start around the first of November. So the timing of this trip is right, considering my hope to be gainfully employed soon.

But just in case, I'm bringing my Spanish vocabulary along like a good girl ("Don't confuse ano with año..."), so I can feel guilty for ignoring it in favor of easier reading.

I can't wait to see my family again!


Tsofah said...


Good and safe travels!

Bekah said...

did you have a fun time???

SkyePuppy said...


Thank you!


Yes, I had a great time. We hung out and didn't do much, and it was perfect.