Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Stove Shoots Woman in Leg

It seems like so long since I've seen any strange news. The media has been full of the presidential campaign. Barack Obama is way ahead in the polls. No, they're practically tied. The debate was a bore. The debate was about Brokaw and his colored lights.

And on the financial bailout, the conservative blogs have been at loggerheads. Hugh Hewitt favored it for the sake of the economy. Michelle Malkin called it a "crap sandwich." It's hard to know which side to come down on, let alone be eloquent about that side.

So I've mostly been ignoring those topics on my blog, waiting for something interesting I can get my mind around. And now I've found it.

The [Olympic] Peninsula Daily News reported today that a woman was shot while she was inside her own home.

Cory Davis, 56, had just finished stoking her cast-iron stove to heat her home when something inside it exploded.

With a loud bang, she was struck on the inside of her left calf.

"I kept thinking, 'geeze that was one fast hot coal flying at me,'" she said, with a laugh.

"But it wasn't a coal."

It was part of a 22-gauge shotgun shell that had been accidentally placed in the stove along with some newspaper.

Davis said a case of the ammo had spilled in her home, located at Hoko-Ozette Road, about a month ago.

Davis said she removed the metal fragment from her wound early Sunday morning, then visited Forks Community Hospital on Monday.

A doctor cleaned the wound and gave her a tetanus shot.

Now, that's news I can understand. Spilled ammo. A wood stove. A woman's leg. Put them all together in an explosive blend and top it off with a tetanus shot.


Tsofah said...


And it's not even deer season! :-D

It's good she wasn't more seriously hurt, though.

j a n said...

Yes, that's a very entertaining break from "ELECTIONWATCH 2008!"
Thank you.

SkyePuppy said...


It must be dear season. ;o)


It was my pleasure.