Friday, October 31, 2008

Jerry Dog and his Ball Launcher

Ah, the joys of waiting on hold with the cable company. Two video blog posts while I wait and then recover.

This is a great gizmo for anybody with a ball-chasing dog (my little dog Abby didn't chase balls, and neither did our family dog Fifi when I was a kid).

Here is the comment that accompanies the video on YouTube:

I built the ball machine because I thought my dog Jerry, might like it and that it would be something fun for me to build. So after two years of on and off work, with many safety features such as IR proximity sensors to protect Jerry and my son from the machine, I finally complete.

Far from being a replacement for me, I was always right there with him enjoying his fun. And with all the troubles that I went through to build the ball machine, I still end up throwing more balls than that the machine could count! According to the computer, he played with the machine by himself only 3 times in his life.

I recently put this video on YouTube to keep alive my earlier memories of him and (hopefully) provide some "humorous distractions" for anyone that might drop by.

Please enjoy the video.

I did. Thanks.

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