Saturday, January 10, 2009


My family knows now what I got them for Christmas. I had calendars made for them with some of my pictures from our trip (plus an extra or two). I also made a calendar for me with my favorite pictures of patterns (plus an extra or two).

As a public service, I'll post each month's picture here, one from each calendar. Some of these were originally posted during the trip with my mom.

First, here's the family calendar cover:

And here is January:

I love that "Parking" sign!

And here's the cover for my calendar:

And January's picture:

I haven't put my calendar on the wall, though, because my mom sent me a really nice calendar that has a nail hole in it (mine doesn't have one), so my mom's is up on the wall.

Stay tuned next month for February's pictures...


janice said...
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janice said...

I love the pictures from your trip and having them put in a calendar was a great gift idea.

The candles in your calendar, are they yours or did you just snap the shot for your "patterns" collection?

I like the contrast of color, height and texture the picture gives.

Dinah Lord said...

Beautiful pictures - and a very thoughtful gift. Looking forward to next month.

(I love, love, love Yellowstone)

SkyePuppy said...


I have a serious photographic weakness for taking pictures of stuff for sale. Most of my Patterns pictures fall in this category.

The cover candles are for sale at an Amish gift shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Bekah said...

Skyepuppy - Your pictures always amaze me. I can't wait for every month's picture revelation! (And I admit I really like the candle picture a lot!)

Christina said...

I love all of your pictures. You definitely have a good eye for photography (and a mighty nice camera, apparently!)

The calendars are a great idea and I know your family loves them.

Looking forward to next month's picture!

SkyePuppy said...


The pictures in my calendar were taken with any of three different cameras. The White Sands shots were taken with my old Kodak EasyShare that froze up on me, and the others this month, including the covers, were with my Nikon. But there will also be some I took with my little purse-sized Canon.

In the end, it's the photographer's eye (along with some judicious cropping and straightening horizons in Photoshop) that counts. I can't make art, but at least I can see it.


Stay tuned in December for more Yellowstone...