Friday, January 23, 2009

Locking Keys in the Car

Be careful where you park your car.

The Detroit Free Press reported Wednesday on the misfortunes of a Michigan man.

Photo credit: Melissa Wawzysko/Port Huron Times Herald

A dive team in Port Huron is fishing a car out of the Black River today after a man who drove onto the ice accidentally locked his keys in the car, and the running engine melted ice beneath it.

“It happens a lot more downriver, in Anchor Bay,” St. Clair County Sheriff’s Lt. Matt Paulus said about fishing vehicles out of the river. The river freezes solid and is often used by snowmobiles and cars during winter months, he added. “We usually get a couple a year. We already had two snowmobiles go in last week.”

The man told police he was looking for his dog when he drove out onto the frozen river from Strawberry Lane in Port Huron Township on Tuesday afternoon, Port Huron City Police Lt. Thom Case said.

Just in case that's not enough trouble for the guy, here's the final sentence in the article:

The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office dive team planned today to help fish out the 1994 Buick, a loaner from a local collision shop while his car was being repaired.


Anonymous said...

God bless California!

Bekah said...

Oh my goodness. this sounds like the very sort of thing that would happen to me. I'm glad someone else has my kinda luck.