Friday, January 23, 2009


Yesterday was the 36th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision making abortion legal in all 50 states and taking the decision-making power away from the states. This ad makes the abortion issue very clear:

Fifty million children have died because of abortion. How much potential have we as a nation lost?

And now, as the AP reported today, President Obama signed an executive order that will allow our country to export and fund (with your tax dollars) abortions abroad. Imagine!


Christina said...

That's a very clever commercial.

It makes me so sad to know how many babies are aborted simply out of convenience every day. And now we will afford that "luxury" to other nations, courtesy of our tax money.

It's truly an abomination.

Jacob said...

Oh lord. You're not one of those creeps who harass women going in and out of abortion clinics, are you?

SkyePuppy said...

No, Jacob. The creeps are the ones inside the abortion clinics telling vulnerable young women that it's nothing but a blob of tissue and to be sure to bring cash to their appointment.

Jacob said...

Oh, please. We could argue pointlessly about abortion and whether or not it's okay for women to be the sole decider of what congeals inside her own uterus, but you can't seriously argue that the doctors who perform them do so for money. You believe the lies of the anti-abortion trogolodytes, then you deserve to be lied to.

Jacob said...

And I'm taking that answer as an implicit 'yes' to my question. There aren't eggs rotten enough to be thrown at people who do that shit.

Malott said...


SkyePuppy said...


Just to set the record straight: I have never protested, prayed, or otherwise graced with my presence, any abortion clinic. I don't even know exactly where those clinics are in my neck of the woods (though I think I know where one is near where I used to work).

Instead, what I've done is volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center, where I counseled the women who came in. We provided them with the information they wanted, not what we wanted for them, because ultimately they were the ones who had to live with whatever decision they made.

Some of the information we gave them (if they wanted it) was on how abortions are done in the different trimesters, how to get help for sexually transmitted diseases, information on adoption options, how to get health insurance and medical care for the poor and working poor, help with finding work, referrals to doctors, parenting classes (complete with a new-baby layette at graduation) for the ones who wanted to keep their baby, and donated maternity and baby clothes the moms could choose from. You know, heartless, abusive, creepy stuff. And all of the services are free.

But I wouldn't want to trash abortion providers (and especially Planned "Did you bring the money?" Parenthood) by insinuating they're in it for the money.

BTW, we had many women come into our pregnancy center and tell us how much nicer a place it was than Planned Parenthood, which was stark and unwelcoming. Our center was a licensed medical facility, meeting all the qualifications for that (because we provided ultrasounds), but with warm, inviting decor and friendly people... er, I mean trogolodytes.

Please! You're the one who's been lied to.

Tsofah said...

The Obama Administration is carrying on it's own "war on terror and any that may threaten us" by doing abortions overseas. You lower the population by killing them BEFORE they are born, and there are fewer to threaten you. All in the name of Foreign Relations, of course.

Christina said...


You know, most of the people who vehemntly object to abortion, mainly for humane and religious reasons have never (and would never) harass abortion clinic drs. or patients. The media only ever reports on the few extremists who do things like that.

You should know better than to assume we are all like that. You should also know better than to assume that "what congeals inside" a woman's uterus is nothing more than tissue. Who made you God to decide that a baby inside the mother's body is not a human being? What if you are wrong?

And if you truly believe that abortion clinics are NOT in it for money, then you are seriously deluded. I for one, do not want a single penny of my tax dollars to support abortion, either here or in any other country, but I have apparently been overruled by my new president and his agenda.

Jacob said...

Skye - Well, that all sounds nice, but to deny women ALL of the options open to them doesn't sound very professional. Of course nobody really likes the idea of abortion, it's a last resort thing which the women who choose it never do so lightly or without understanding the full impact of their choice.

Part of my work involves taking calls from members of the public who complain about the paper I work for, or want to submit ideas for stories. There's this woman who calls us repeatedly who says she leads a "prayer group" outside an abortion clinic in the city where I live. The first time she called it was to suggest that we cover a story about a pregnant woman who gave birth in the clinic because she couldn't get to a hospital in time, and she was all righteous and indignant about how the murderous abortion practitioners shouldn't have had the right to assist in a baby's delivery because they might get the urge to loop the umbilical cord around the baby's neck and kill it. I explained to her very carefully that the people who work in abortion clinics are doctors and very qualified to deliver a baby, and she wouldn't hear of it. "What's the news value of the story, though, if what they're doing is legal and entirely above board?" I asked her, impatiently. Then she hung up. But she keeps calling and you can tell she's not so much a "prayer leader" as a screaming, insane, moralising banshee with no life. It makes me so mad that there are people like her harassing women in my city - women who they've never met and don't understand.

I've always been of the opinion that it's absolutely none of my business and abortion is their right if they choose it. I totally understand, though, if people think that life starts at conception and that abortion is murder. It's not a terribly difficult position to argue in my opinion. But so often the people who are so vehement anti-abortion use lies to manipulate people's emotions and generally act like soulless creeps. It especially annoys me when they're men.

So I kind of get really impatient with anti-abortion types; there's nothing I hate more than fake people, and they're whole "We're pro-life and we have morals and YOUR BABY HAS FINGERNAILS!" routine gives me the shits like you wouldn't believe.

Oh, and I meant troglodytes, not trogolodytes (sic).

Christina - ugh.

Who made you God to decide that a baby inside the mother's body is not a human being? What if you are wrong?

Nobody made me anything. I'm not putting my input into any woman's reproductive choices - you are.

And if I'm wrong? Well, then I'm wrong. I'd rather be wrong than treat people less than how I'd like to be treated myself*.

I for one, do not want a single penny of my tax dollars to support abortion, either here or in any other country, but I have apparently been overruled by my new president and his agenda.

Isn't it interesting that Bush didn't ever make any serious attempt to outlaw abortion? He was always "I'm pro-life and believe in the sanctity of human life!" but when it came down to it, he was pretty weak on that issue. Obama is exactly the same, except he's not going to lie about how pro-life he is.

*Yes, fully aware that I often sideline this rule.