Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Video

WordSmith from Nantucket has created a magnificent video for Memorial Day over at Sparks from the Anvil.

One word of advice before you watch it: Grab a hanky. Maybe two.

Here are some excerpts from WordSmith's comments about the video. He is far more eloquent than I am.

Soldiers are heroes, plain and simple, answering a call that is greater than self.

It is the nobility of the American soldier who is the best ambassador to other nations; who exemplifies our values and traditions. It is the American soldier who represents the best and brightest our country has to offer.

Let us not forget their sacrifice.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Hah...thanks. My own videos make me teary-eyed, too.

My cross-post over at FA isn't even up yet, because I am still searching for words to better express myself.

Tsofah said...

Great video. Between this, and watching "Marley and Me" tonight - I've gone through a whole box of tissues!

Truly, our soldiers are called into this high calling of defending, outreach, and dignity.

Tsofah said...

Skyepuppy? Where IS you?

SkyePuppy said...

Sorry, Tsofah! I've been busy doing homework and trying to get my house on the market and all those other million things that need doing. It was so much easier to blog when I had a job (lunchtime blogging), or when I was on my trip with my mom. Now I don't have anything remotely resembling a routine...

Tsofah said...


's ok! I just wanted ya to know I missed ya!

SkyePuppy said...

Thank you, Tsofah!