Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Wants a Cyber Czar

The AP reported today that President Obama has called for a new Cyber Czar.

America has for too long failed to adequately protect the security of its computer networks, President Barack Obama said Friday, announcing he will name a new cyber czar to take on the job.

Surrounded by a host of government officials, aides and corporate executives, Obama said this is a "transformational moment" for the country, where computer networks are probed and attacked millions of times a day.

"We're not as prepared as we should be, as a government or as a country," he said, calling cyber threats one of the most serious economic and military dangers the nation faces.

He said he will soon pick the person he wants to head up a new White House office of cyber security, and that person will report to the National Security Council as well as to the National Economic Council, in a nod to the importance of computers to the economy.

Based on Obama's track record of choosing people like tax cheats to head the Treasury Department, my guess is that he's going to pick this guy. Yes, anybody who can hack into the email of one of those right-wing extremists like Sarah Palin should be first in line for Obama's Cyber Czar choice.

Laying out a broad five-point plan, the president said the U.S. needs to provide the education required to keep pace with technology and attract and retain a cyber-savvy work force. He called for a new education campaign to raise public awareness of the challenges and threats related to cyber security.

He assured the business community, however, that the government will not dictate how private industry should tighten digital defenses.

That doesn't reassure me in the least. With the federal government gettng its hooks into the internet, how long will it be before it starts getting taxed? And how long will it be before they institute some sort of Fairness Doctrine for online commentary?

I don't want a Cyber Czar, especially one selected by Obama, because everything Obama touches eventually turns to crap.


Tsofah said...

Skye! This is stinking weird. I wonder if Obama is going to make up more and more reasons to be on camera having some sort of press conference at least once a day. Seriously, the guy has a need for some sort of public affirmation, even if it's just to watch NBC news.

As far as the internet, they've been monitoring radicals like constitution loving and following folks like us for years.

Hands off my blog, you commie socialists!

Tsofah said...

That second paragraph should read:

As far as the internet, they've been monitoring radicals like "constitution-loving-following-folks" like us for years.

Sorry. But who knows? They maybe following us too? It's only paranoia if it isn't true. ;-)

janice said...

Slowly but surely....and the leftys had the nerve to scream about president Bush "taking-away-my-freedoms", please. We won't recognise this country in 3 years.

SkyePuppy said...


The Left was afraid Bush might take away their freedom to kill their babies in the womb.

Malott said...


You are particularly vulnerable because of the hate speech, I regret to say, that I have witnessed on your blog.

SkyePuppy said...


Yes, I know! I've been in negotiations about becoming part of the witness protection program, but I'm afraid the Cyber Czar would be able to find me too easily...