Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please Pray (Updated)

Last week I had a job interview. Finally!

I was looking at the job openings at the health center where one of my Medical Billing classmates works. She was a Clinic Biller but as soon as she got her certificate from the Billing class, they were going to promote her, and her Biller job would be available.

But while I was looking for that job, I spotted another opening that looked like it combined medical front office work with some IT and asked for the kind of experience I had at my last day job. So I applied for that job and not the Biller job about a week and a half ago. Then I mentioned it in my Sunday School class.

One of the ladies in Sunday School used to work with and be good friends with some of the HR people at the health center, so she called last Monday and put in a hugely good word for me. Enough that the HR lady found my application, pulled it out of the stack, and gave it to the hiring manager, who called me in for an interview last week.

I think I did pretty well, but they had another person to interview, either this past Friday or yesterday. So that meant waiting. And trying not to get my hopes up so they wouldn't be dashed.

Yesterday, when I got home from working at the shoe store, I had a message on my machine from the hiring manager asking me to come back for a second interview. I called today and arranged the interview for tomorrow morning at 8:30 Pacific Time.

Please pray that I get this job.


The interview went well, as near as I can tell. They said they still have a couple more people for second interviews, so it could be a couple weeks before they make their final decision.

More waiting... Meanwhile, I'm not quitting the shoe store just yet.


Malott said...


If they don't snatch you up immediately, they're idiots.

So I'll pray... That they're not idiots.

Tsofah said...


Yeah, what Malott said...

and, yes, I'm already beseeching heaven on your behalf.

Malott - that last part means I'm praying. (chuckle)

janice said...

The waiting is the hardest part...

Prayers from Columbus as well, Skye.

Tsofah said...


With the holiday in there, I'd say you would probably hear back within a week.

Still praying!