Friday, January 28, 2005

Iraq Voting Begins

Today I listened to Hugh Hewitt's show as he broadcast remote from the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. This is the only West Coast location for voting in the Iraq election. What an inspiration!

Hugh's favorite voter was the 19-year-old whose mother is campaigning in southern Iraq. She's on the ballot, in part because there is supposed to be one woman on the ballot for every two men. But my favorite was the man who drove down from Tracy, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area--a drive that takes the better part of a day.

When Hugh asked why he came so far, the man said that the people in Iraq are risking their lives to vote. It's the least he can do to drive a long way to do the same.

Voter after voter, both on Hugh's show and on Fox News from the Michigan voting site, expressed similar sentiments. They vote in order to help bring real freedom to Iraq. They vote for the sake of family members still there. They vote in memory of family members no longer with us. They vote because this time, voting in Iraq means something.

I was so stirred by the hope and the optimism that fills these voters.

Hindrocket at Powerline has a heartwrenching picture, as well as a prediction about the violence. Let's pray this election stirs the Iraqi people to work even harder to eradicate the terrorists who would destroy their nation.

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