Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Trip - Catching Up

We've had problems getting to the internet the last couple days, so I've just finished getting caught up. The new posts (below) are dated approximately when they were written.

We're in Pennsylvania now, having left New Jersey today.

Both of us are getting eager to get back home. We've visited the people we wanted to see on this trip, except my dad's older sister in North Carolina, and we're on the way there. The end of the trip is in sight, and traveling has a way of taking its toll on a person, even when she's enjoying herself. So we're ready to finish this loop.

I had made a list of the places I really wanted to see, and I've already started crossing some of them off. Washington, DC, is gone. Charleston, SC, is being delayed until our Southern Loop this winter. That leaves Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and my aunt as the only items left on the list. We'll see other places on the way to my aunt's house and then on the way to Texas, but nothing as a must-see.

As we go, we'll keep you posted, but right now we're looking forward to reconnecting with the people we love at home.

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