Monday, October 15, 2007

The Trip - Corn Maze

The day started out with promise.

We went to Trader Joe's, because my sister-in-law needed some of their special items, and I figured I'd pick up a couple extra boxes of my favorite tea of theirs.

When we got to the tea aisle, I couldn't find my tea. I asked one of the workers, and she went to check with He Who Knows. She came back bearing bad news: No, it wasn't out of stock. It's been discontinued!

Lost! My Precious lost!

So now the four boxes we have in the motorhome will be all we're ever going to have. I'm so distraught.

But I bought a box of Chevalier Noir cookies to share with everyone, and a container of chocolate-covered fruit for my mom and me to have for our evening treat, now that Monica's chocolates are gone.

When my niece and nephew got home from school, we drove over to the farmer's market where they have a corn maze. My mom and I had seen some mazes up in Maine, but we've been saving ourselves for this planned family visit. At the farmer's market, they had a sign that said, "Corn Maze, Saturday & Sunday, 10 - 4." Naturally, we were there on a Monday.

The lady told us we couldn't even go look at the maze, because you have to take a hay ride (included in the maze price) to get there, and the hay ride people only work on the weekends.

So I took pictures of their pumpkins and acorn squash as a consolation prize.

On the way home, my sister-in-law drove to a house where a friend of hers lived for a short time when they were in junior high. The house had once been part of the Underground Railroad during our country's addiction to slavery, and the friend showed my sister-in-law the false back wall in her closet and down the stairs behind it that led out to the back yard.

As you can see, the house is for sale. Pretty cool.