Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Trip - Taking it Easy

We're staying near Portland, Maine, right now. We got in last night around dinnertime and asked at the office what places are their favorites to visit. But, since they're local, they didn't know what the top tourist spots were. They gave us some booklets to look through.

But I'm tired. We've been driving and stopping to look and driving and stopping to look for long enough that I don't want to do it today. I told my mom, and she feels the same way. So I'm still in my jammies at almost lunchtime, and I'm blogging instead of figuring out what we should see, and I suppose that makes me an unofficial member of the Pajamahadeen. For today, anyway.

I'll get dressed eventually, and we'll have some lunch, and then we'll go find something to do, including stopping at the bookstore in the mall that's just down the road.

I'm looking forward to getting to my brother's place in Massachusetts, because I'm pretty sure they're making some plans for things we can do there. I think that's what's made me tired: the constant having to plan. A little rest will be good for us, and then we should be ready to go again.

Meanwhile, there are a couple news items that have my dander up, which makes them blog-posts-to-be. I love lazy blogging days...

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