Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Progress in Malawi

I have a World Vision child in Malawi. She was born the day after 9/11.

Recently I got a letter from the World Vision director in my girl's area, telling me about the progress there:

Through your financial contribution, deep wells fitted with pumps have been drilled in [the area]. Generally, the people of [the area] are able to access clean and safe water through these deep wells. In the past, they used to draw their drinking water from unprotected wells and rivers. Due to this intervention, incidences of diarrhea and cholera diseases have been greatly reduced. While in the past families were spending more time nursing diarrhea and cholera patients, families are now spending this time on productive and development activities. As most families are able to access clean water within reach, less time is spent on drawing water.

The ADP [Area Development Program] has also constructed school blocks in the area through your sponsorship contribution. As a result, school enrolment for boys and girls has increased. The school drop out has reduced. Boys and girls are now motivated to attend school because they are now learning in a decent environment. Most adults that never had the privilege of going to school when they were young, are now able to read and write as a result of attending the adult literacy classes that the program introduced in the area. Members of this community, are always thanking you in absentia for changing their living conditions and giving them hope in life.

Once again, I wish to thank you for your continued support and I would like to assure you that we will continue to use the financial assistance to address the real development needs of the children and the entire community, to the Glory of God.

I know I can't be the only person helping out in my little girl's community. There must be plenty of others. It sure is good, though, to read about all the changes they're making because enough people cared to help, to the Glory of God.

Next, when I get a job and pay off my bills, I plan on sponsoring a boy in Zimbabwe. I found out not long ago that World Vision has sponsorships available there too. I hope they'll be able to save some communities amidst the destruction of that country by its usurping "leader," the evil Robert Mugabe.


Jacob said...

I didn't know World Vision was religiously affiliated. I have a sponsor child and they never include "glory to god" in any of their letters to me. Maybe they customise them?

SkyePuppy said...


Here's what pops up on Google with a search on "World Vision:"

Christian relief and development organization assisting 70 million people each year in its quest to end poverty, fight hunger and transform lives.

I hope that doesn't make you stop sponsoring your child. He or she would still need your help, whether World Vision does the work out of Christian faith or out of a secular heart for humanity.

janice said...

Thanks to both of you, Jacob and Skye, it's clearly making a difference.

This is how change happens, through charity, not by legislating justice. Simply throwing money at a "problem" will not help in the long term. We need to continue to enable folks, give them the tools, to bring about a better community for themselves.

Tsofah said...

How awesome that you are sponsoring a child needing help! When someone see's a need like that, be it in Africa, Europe, the America's...even in the U.S. - and they reach out to help, it gives hope to those who need it.

Thanks for helping and for giving hope!

Malott said...

Recently on one of my podcasts a preacher told his congregation, "There are believers around the world more faithful than you and I who are starving or being persecuted and beaten..."

So much for "Prosperity Theology"...

It certainly puts our current economic crisis in perspective.

SkyePuppy said...


Many years ago I read about some people in the Philippines who live their whole lives in a garbage dump, scrounging for food and items that can be used for shelter. There in that dump are Christians who know the joy of salvation. Amazing!

It's a reminder to me that, yes, God could allow me to lose all my earthly possessions. He has allowed those garbage dump Christians to have only spiritual riches, and He could allow the same for me. It keeps bringing me back to Habakkuk 3:17 - 18.

Jacob said...

Well, so it is. Way to do your research, Jacob.

I shan't be revoking my sponsorship. It's not my sponsor child's fault that World Vision is religiously affiliated, after all.

I would like to know that my kid isn't being preached to though. "Christian relief" sounds an awful lot like Protestant soup to me.