Wednesday, December 03, 2008

UAW Spends Money To Get Yours

This is disgusting. Amanda Carpenter reported today that the United Auto Workers (UAW) is planning ads in favor of the auto-maker bailout.

The United Auto Workers are among the biggest cheerleaders for the auto bailout. Their members say they must have the tax dollars in order to keep their jobs.

So how is it that the UAW has enough money to run TV ads for the bailout? UAW President Ron Gettlefinger said his union was going to start running advertisements in Maine, Kentucky, Indiana and Minnesota to "put a face" on the bailout and encourage Congress to pass it.

They should be too ashamed to even show their face over this. They'll be spending millions of dollars to try to convince you and me that we need to give our tax dollars to save their butts--because they don't have enough money.

The Big Three auto makers have cut their CEO salaries to $1 per year (Ford will do this if they take bailout money). What are the chances the UAW bosses will do the same and also give their political and other slush funds back to their members to allow for salary cuts to save jobs? Anyone?

I thought not. The unions don't really care about any jobs but their own. It's time to let the Big Three go into bankruptcy, reorganize, and come out without the UAW anvil hanging around their necks. Then maybe--just maybe--the American auto industry might have a chance to make a viable comeback.

No bailout for the Big Three, and especially not for the UAW!


Malott said...


This is just a great post.

I am not responsible for the mess the U.S. auto industry is in. I do not wish to pay.

The UAW and the twits that strike every chance they get - along with stupid management - have priced themselves out of work. They've seen it coming for years.

Let them reorganize and pay their workers what the market will allow.

janice said...

I'm in total agreement! Well said Skye..

Tsofah said...

<----Jumping in on the debate here ;-D

I've a bit different take on this. You may not know it, but if the big 3 file bankruptcy, car dealerships will have to pay them a contractural fee that will result in massive dealerships closing down.

This will also trickle down to workers in other industries such as steel workers, paintings and varnishes, wire coatings, etc. etc.

The problem I see is not in the salaries of the workers as I know several who have lost their jobs of late and couldn't make ends meet before the layoffs/shutdowns. The problem is with the corporate salaries of millions of dollars PER PERSON. Upper management, union negotiators, etc. etc. could take a huge paycut and still be making more than most workers.

You know, even scaling them back to one million a year salary IS a liveable salary. In fact, I would LOVE a million dollar salary.

Something has to be done. Give them the loan with stipulations of nullifying union contracts, drastic pay decreases for anyone making over one million a year, and pay the factor workers $50,000 a year with medical benefits included.

How do we pay for this? Why, let the US oil companies do it! They made records profits this last summer and can well afford to keep the auto industry afloat for a while.

It works for me.

Christina said...

Great post, Skyepuppy. I agree wholeheartedly.

Can someone explain this to me...if this is a "loan" to the big three, and if they each get more than 10 billion dollars, does anyone really expect that they will repay this money? And if so, who gets the payments? The government? Or the people who payed in the first place, the taxpayers?

Frankly, I don't expect to see a dime of it, and that is why I do not want to see it happen. Throwing money at the situation is not the answer. It didn't work in the public school system and it won't work with the auto industry.

And the nerve of these auto makers coming back and asking for EVEN MORE is pretty galling as well.

I'm done now.