Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Two Questions

I got this in an email from my mom.

Life really boils down to two questions:

1. Do I get a dog?

2. Do I have children?

Of course, I noticed the obvious lack of question 3: Do I get a cat? Considering that the cats my then-husband and I had long ago totally shredded a couch and a rocking chair, I seriously suspect the creator of the email is involved in a cover-up for the feline species. And Google is in on the conspiracy as well, because I have been unable to find similar images with cats as the perpetrators. But I did find this:

In a Roadfood.com forum, one reader asked for advice:

since there are so many animal lovers here on roadfood, i thought i'd ask for some advice.
my thoughtful boyfriend noticed i've been missing having a cat (my beloved Moonpie developed cancer, and i had to put her down 2 years ago). he brought me a beautiful female kitten from a neighbor's litter.... here's the problem: she bites and chews anything and everything! my limbs (her favorite), the couch, my magazines and library books, the window screens, my expensive mattress, etc.... i've had quite a few cats, and raised all of them from kittens, and never had this problem before. HELP! anyone out there have an aggressive, destructive cat who they successfully trained? thank you all...

The poor, beleaguered cat owner received the following reply:

I also have this problem only it's with my dog he chews and eats everything.... I can solve your cat problem ...send me your cat.


Malott said...

The dog and cat picture is just choice.

When the heirs of perdition get their just deserts on this side of the Jordan, it soothes my soul.

Tsofah said...

Awww, the poor cat!

In our home we have dogs, hamster, fish, and if there were room, we'd once again have a cat!

Cats are neat critters. Get a water squirt gun for training that other kitty. To stop them from jumping on tables and other furniture try mousetraps and newspaper. For example:

If your cat jumps on your dining room table, put four mousetraps, loaded (no bait)in the middle of the table. Gently lay newspapers over them lengthwise to the edge of the table. When cat jumps on the edge of table, the traps snap, scares cat, cat jumps off table and runs....and after one or two times of this, will not do it again.

Christina said...

Okay, you know my feelings versus the trouble factor between cats and dogs, but that last picture is great.

I think the reason you can't find any cat destruction pictures is because they truly are rare. They just don't cause as much trouble. I love our dog, but she is so much more work.

So are kids!

Thanks for the laugh.

SkyePuppy said...


Au contraire, in my experience! My cats thrashed the furniture, and my little dog Abby never caused any damage (except for her leaks on the carpet, which were caused by her heart medication).


We tried the squirt bottle on our cats, and it only chased them away for the moment, and then they'd come right back to doing what they weren't supposed to do.

The mousetrap idea is great! We never thought of that one.