Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hamas Attack "An Act of War"

WorldNetDaily reported today that top Israeli leaders see the rocket attack on an Israeli high school in Ashkelon as an act of war.

Critics of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's evacuation last summer of the Gaza Strip had warned the retreat eventually would place Ashkelon under Palestinian rocket fire. Sharon then had stated rockets fired at the strategic town would result in an "unprecedented Israeli military response."

Terrorist leaders in Gaza told WND today their groups have the ability to regularly bombard Ashkelon. They warned longer-range Qassam missiles will be fired at Israeli towns near Gaza in the near future.

Notice that it's "...missiles will be fired..." not "might be" or "can be." "Will be."

Here's the timeline as I remember it: Israel withdrew its citizens from Gaza, leaving it mostly intact for the Palestinians to take over. Israel did this unilaterally, giving the PA a chance to prove themselves worthy of leading their own people without interference from Israel.

The PA started amassing weapons and has been firing on nearby targets within Israel on a daily basis. They blame Israel.

Now the PA has escalated to longer-range missiles, and is developing guidance systems for their missiles for more attacks on Israel. Hamas has claimed credit for the Ashkelon attack.

Israel's military leaders interpreted the attacks as a declaration of war and will be retaliating. The PA (and the UN) will blame Israel.

It's a sick world out there. God help us, and may He preserve Israel.


Malott said...

So does this mean that Israel will finally be fighting the war they are in? Surely it's time to take the gloves off and finish this.

And the U.S. needs to shut up and let Israel defend herself. Our government failed in VietNam with the same strategy that we are pushing on Israel.

In war you kill the people who are trying to kill you. Israel needs to take a stroll through the Old Testament and re-learn a few truths.

SkyePuppy said...


I'm afraid you're dreaming.

Israel looks like they're taking only one glove off. The US doesn't know how to shut up. And Israel's secular government has long ago forgotten how to find the Old Testament.

But God still remembers the OT stories. My personal favorite was the night the angels killed 185,000 enemy soldiers who were camped around the Israelites. I'd love to see that one happen again.