Sunday, December 16, 2007

Al Gore's Gospel of Hypocrisy

I love Henry Lamb's columns, and his column yesterday scored a home run.

In many ways, Al Gore is like the charismatic preacher who mesmerized his congregation every Sunday, but during the week, ministered privately to the needs of neglected housewives to satisfy his own appetite. While sermonizing before the Nobel Committee – and an international television audience – Gore described the hellfire and brimstone of global warming damnation and pointed the way to planetary salvation: the world must have a mandatory "cap-and-trade" regime, he said, administered by the United Nations.

Were Gore's wildest claims of global catastrophe absolutely certain, the remedy he proposes would be the worst possible way to confront it. Gore, and most of the international community, wants a U.N. treaty that gives power to an international body to set emission limits on developed nations, and enforce monetary penalties for non-compliance which would be redistributed to developing nations such as China, India, Brazil and others.

China? Doesn't China have enough of our money already?

Sorry. I got sidetracked.

This method would give to an international body not simply the power to limit the output – emissions; it would also convey the power to limit the input – available energy supplies. Without abundant, available energy, prosperity in developed nations would plummet. This, of course, is the goal of international socialists who see social "equity" as one of the highest objectives. Environmental protection, and a managed global economy are the other objectives of what is called "sustainable development."

An international body empowered to control the use of energy, the use of natural resources, as well as economic activity, would be a hell far worse than anything that could possibly result from a free society, pursuing individual happiness, in a free economy.

Like the charismatic preacher who paints vivid pictures of the consequences of sin, Al Gore and his ilk, preach their gospel of doom and gloom to scare their admirers into actions that benefit only the preachers – not the action takers. Global warming has become a multi-billion dollar industry that enriches the preachers at the International Panel on Climate Change, the bureaucrats at the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, thousands of scientists who feed at the global warming trough, and thousands of delegates who are paid by the U.N. to attend these endless conferences at locations such as Bali, Kyoto and other exotic destinations.

Henry Lamb nailed it. Al Gore, with his rabid environmental screaming, is a greater threat to the world than any of the disaster scenarios he paints with his preaching.


Charlie said...

In a new column by Mark Steyn he mentions another "solution" to human causes of warming, taxes on children. Since people are the ultimate polluters, we need to discourage couples from having children, a movement he calls "anti-natalism". Just when I thought the zero population growth crowd had been laughed off the stage, they're back and waving signs about ecological responsibility. The next ice age can't come soon enough for me.

SkyePuppy said...


When the next Ice Age comes, the anti-natalists will declare that children shouldn't be subjected to such cold temperatures and we shouldn't be bringing them into such a harsh world.

Life is tough on the seriously delusional people of the world.