Sunday, December 02, 2007

Smoking Ban Causes Global Warming

The threats to the environment aren't limited to divorce. The Telegraph (UK) reported today of the dangers brought about by banning smoking.

Pubs are likely to pump hundreds of thousands of tons of additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of the smoking ban.

Policy advisers predict that emissions from patio heaters in pubs and restaurants will increase from 22,200 tons of greenhouse gases a year to up to 282,000 tons - the equivalent of flying a jumbo jet 171 times around the Earth.

Environmentalists say the heaters must now be banned if Britain is to meet carbon dioxide emission targets.

Tony Juniper, of Friends of the Earth, said: "The impacts of the smoking ban are positive, but this should not cause more problems for the environment. Either smokers will have to give up smoking or simply put on a jumper."

That's right. Put on a jumper. Or a sweater, if you live in America. Global warming is more important than saving you from hypothermia.

There's nothing like the law of unintended consequences...


janice said...

These environmentalists nazis are crazy!

For thousands (or millions, depending on what your faith teaches) of years, the earth has taken care of herself just fine.

Even in the last hundred years with unregulated factories and cars that were far more inefficient than the factories and cars of today.

The earth will repair herself if she's ill.

Jacob said...

... or people could just not smoke.