Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Job

I've been goofing off a lot since I got back to my house for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas, not some generic "holidays" that really only means Christmas). In fact, I've been been getting good at goofing off, which has become a concern. There are many skills I aspire to improve, but pointless idleness is not one of them.

I had submitted my application to Barnes & Noble at the beginning of the month and watched as the guy added my form to a tall stack of other people's applications. He had said they'd be calling people for interviews the following week, but they didn't call me.

I thought of applying at Staples, because they had a "Now Hiring" sign out front, but as much as I like paper, I just couldn't muster up enough excitement to go through the application process. So I just let that idea slide into oblivion.

But my daughter, who works through a temp agency, mentioned that I should register with her temp agency, and she could get a referral bonus. She's brilliant! So I called them yesterday, told them I was only available for a couple weeks and asked for an appointment. The girl told me they had an opening on Friday.

"Well, that kind of defeats the purpose," I said. She found a spot for me late this morning, emailed me a link where I could do much of the applying online, and told me to bring my resume, Social Security card, proof of eligibility to work in the US, and some identification.

I printed my computer-programmer resume (changed the Objective to "Temporary or seasonal position") and my tour-director resume (changed the Objective to "Temporary or seasonal position"), filled out the online application, and looked all over the house for my Social Security card, which their website said was required. I didn't find it, so I figured it must be in my safe deposit box at the bank.

This morning I left early and went to the bank, where the teller who came to help me couldn't find my signature card. She called over the manager, who showed her the section where the "Mc" names are filed separately from all the rest of the "M" names, and we were back in business.

Inside the vault, I handed her my key, but it wouldn't go into the slot for the box. She fought with it for a while, then went back out to get the manager again, who showed her that there are two sets of boxes with the same numbers, and the old boxes have a "9" stencilled next to the box number and that's the one the teller was trying to open. Mine was the new box on the other wall.

This time it worked, and I found my Social Security card on the bottom of all the papers and put it in my purse.

At the temp agency, I handed her my passport as ID and proof of US citizenship. She never asked for my Social Security card.

They had me watch a video about the agency and about safety in the workplace (if you need to reach for something high, use a step ladder, not a chair, especially not a chair with wheels) and then take a quiz about what I watched. I missed one out of 25, but they didn't throw me out. Then I had to sign a huge wad of papers that the receptionist had printed while I was watching the video. Then I waited to be called to talk to someone about any opportunities.

By this time, I'd heard the receptionist telling people on the phone that they're usually pretty slow in December, especially the week between Christmas and New Year's when a lot of businesses close completely, so I wasn't holding my breath.

But when I talked to my Account Executive (and told her right up front that I was referred by a friend, who happened to be my daughter, and she wrote down my daughter's name), she said that one of the malls near here needs someone to help out in the office where they sell the gift cards and help people find stores (like I'd know that, since I avoid shopping at malls). But I'm willing to help out, and they'll pay me for my kindness.

So I work four hours tomorrow, four hours Friday, and six hours Sunday (unfortunately, I'll miss church). I won't make a whole lot of money, but it'll be something, and that's a beautiful thought.


Charlie said...

This is good. Now you can buy me that Ipod I wanted for Christmas!

SkyePuppy said...


I'll get on it right away.

janice said...

That's great Skye!

I've been updating my resume as well. Your post sounded a little like me and my battle with feelings of slothfulness.

There's nothing like "purpose" in ones life to strengthen the heart, and bank account.

Good luck!

Malott said...

How does "pointless idleness" stack up next to pointless busy-ness?

Nope... No e-mail... And I checked the junk folder...
We've had this problem before...