Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fake Olympics Stuff Irks China

This is rich!

Reuters reported yesterday on China's battle against counterfeit Olympics gear.

Beijing is battling to stamp out illegal sales of 2008 Olympic merchandise on dozens of unauthorized Web sites seeking to cash in on the Chinese public's Games fervor, local media reported on Monday.

Authorities had investigated about 80 commercial and personal Web sites selling fake Olympic merchandise, or lacking licenses to sell the legitimate product, the Beijing Youth Daily said, citing an Olympic e-commerce official.

Beijing Olympic organizers have targeted making $70 million from merchandising from the 2008 Games, from a range of about 4,000 products.

There's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing people get their comeuppance. Seeing China get it is especially sweet:

China is considered the world's most prolific counterfeiter, causing billions of dollars in lost sales to makers of everything from music and movie DVDs, designer clothes and consumer electronics and software.

May they lose their shirts.

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Malott said...

China's Olympic stuff is probably saturated with lead...

The counterfeiters are performing a public health service.