Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Voters in Florida Election

The AP reported today on a Florida election.

Every vote counts. But what happens when there are no votes at all? That's the situation city officials in Tamarac are facing. No voters showed up Wednesday night to cast a ballot in an annexation referendum for an unincorporated Broward County community.

There are 68 registered voters in the 200-person Prospect Bend neighborhood. Tamarac officials have proposed annexing the neighborhood.

Details were mailed to registered voters. If just one voter had shown up, that one vote would have decided the neighborhood's fate. (emphasis added)

It's easy to believe that our one little vote doesn't really count, especially in major elections like this year's presidential election. I'll be voting for John McCain in November, but it probably won't be enough to overcome all the Democratic votes in California.

One little vote could be making a difference at the Democratic convention, though. Just ask Hillary Clinton, who lost one of her superdelegates with the resignation of Eliot Spitzer.

So the next time they hold an election, be sure to cast your vote. You may be the one making the decision for all your neighbors. And without your vote, there may not be a decision at all.

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