Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Belly Button Ring Stuck in Nose

The Daily Telegraph (Australia) reported April 3, 2008 about a mishap with a pierced navel.

A YOUNG woman caught her belly button ring in her nostril this morning after falling from her bed.

The distressed 22-year-old called NSW Ambulance at 4am begging for assistance from paramedics.

She told triple zero operators she had fallen out of bed and her belly button piercing had jammed up her nose in the fall.

Ambulance officers rushed to Warwick Farm to assist the woman but she was not taken to hospital.

An ambulance spokeswoman said it had been a tough day for Sydneysiders, with a St Ives man stubbing his toe at 3.30pm.

How do you fall out of bed and end up with your nose and your navel in the same place? I can't bend that far.

Maybe her piercing popped out and her nose landed on it where the doo-dad fell on the floor. That's all I can figure.

I have a friend who pierced her navel. I think I should warn her. I'd hate to have a friend of mine in continual danger.

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