Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obamas in Trouble

It's easy to mock a cover story like this when it's in the Globe. The Globe is almost as bad as the now-defunct Weekly World News, which printed such newsworthy items as, "Invisible Aliens Live Among Us," "Abraham Lincoln Was A Woman!" and "Iraqi Submarine Spotted in Great Lakes." This last one was during the buildup to the Iraq War and had Saddam himself manning the secret submarine.

In fact, it was the Globe that reported the imminent breakup of George and Laura Bush's marriage, and then late last year said the marriage has been mended.

This time, though, the marriage explosion is being reported by the National Enquirer, which has been somewhat reputable ever since Carol Burnett sued them and won.

The last thing Barack Obama needs this week, after the media blitz of his former pastor and mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is another scandal.

Oh, and if I find a spare $500,000 lying around, could I get a total body makeover that makes me look as good as Demi Moore?


Jacob said...

Obama's marriage explodes!


Headlines are funny.

Malott said...

I - KNEW! - Michelle was hard to live with.

This could only help him among Democrats... All those women now thinking they have a shot.

OK... I hope it isn't true.

SkyePuppy said...


I hope it isn't true, too. It saddens me every time I hear of a marriage breaking up. Except maybe Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise is so freaky, and Katie seems like a nice girl.

ChuckL said...

I don't recall the specific periodicals, but along with the front page you posted, I noticed on Monday that Pres. Bush has a secret love child and Sen. Clinton a lesbian relationship.

What a hoot!

Anonymous said...

The Weekly World News was amazing. I should hold a memorial service for it.

Also, the headline wasn't just "Abraham Lincoln Was a Woman". It was: