Friday, April 11, 2008

Woodpecker Beak

The Telegraph (UK) reported Wednesday on a surprising find in England.

This extraordinary woodpecker - with its freakishly long beak - has been spotted feeding from a domestic garden feeder.

Experts have claimed the beak was the biggest they had ever seen and are surprised it can fly - let alone feed.

Bird watchers Janet and Bob Morton first spied red-crested male 'Woody' over the winter at their home in Rosedale, near Pickering, North Yorkshire.

Mr Morton, 62, a retired RAF pilot, said: "Woody comes everyday now, you can't miss him. We first noticed the beak at Christmas when he arrived with a female and a baby.

"We just couldn't believe how big it was. Compared to his mate you can see it should be at least half that size."

Luckily, Woody has no trouble flying, nesting or feeding and has not chopped down any trees so far.

His beak hasn't gotten in the way of attracting the girls, either. What a guy!

My mother raised me to believe it's unkind to point out other people's flaws or deformities. Obviously the writer of the article wasn't taught by my mother, or he or she wouldn't have used the words, "freakishly long."

Prince Charles has big ears...

Photo source: Reformation Theology

... but that doesn't mean it's nice to point it out. The Telegraph ought to quit with the name-calling and leave poor Woody alone.


ANONYMOUS!!! said...

I hope your mother reads this! She would be ashamed and disappointed. It's like taking your hands out of your pockets right after you enter the store!

For SHAME!!!

SkyePuppy said...

My Anonymous Daughter,

Your Grandma got a good laugh out of your comment!

Malott said...

Prince Charles' ears look OK to me.

SkyePuppy said...


Ummm... Never mind.