Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mourning Dove Update

This is the sad story of the mourning dove on my next-door neighbor's front porch. A week or so ago she was sitting pretty. Now she's flown the coop, and we're not quite sure why.

I was talking to my neighbor a couple days ago, and she said one day this past week her daughter saw the dove in the morning when she left for school, but by afternoon, the dove was gone and so were her eggs.

It's hard to figure out what kind of vicious beast could have climbed up the pole or made its way into the lamp from the porch roof. The lamp seemed well-enough protected. Everybody knows cats are conniving things when it comes to birds, but I can't see how a cat could have done it without knocking the lamp over.

Other kinds of creatures that like to steal eggs are too horrifying to name--like Voldemort only more so--since that would mean the disgusting rodents were brazen enough to go right next door to my very own house. No, I cannot bear to even think it.

Wednesday, I saw the dove come back to the lamp for a short time. She walked around the nest and pecked in it quite a few times, as though searching for her eggs, and then she looked toward me with a beseeching look on her little dove face. Then she flew away.

So sad...


paw said...

Maybe a cat like this one?

SkyePuppy said...


ROTFL! And then I showed my daughter, who ROTFL'd. Thanks!