Monday, April 14, 2008

My House is Off the Market

My realtor called me Saturday to remind me that my listing expires today. He said he'd be in the area last night and would either bring the renewal paperwork or pick up the signs, depending on what I decided.

I thought about it for a while.

It seems that during the last six months, my house has gone from being reasonably priced to being one of the most expensive houses in the neighborhood without ever having changed the asking price. Not a good prospect for a sale. So I decided to let the listing expire, rather than drop the price and keep hoping each day that maybe--just maybe--someone would come to look at it. Daily disappointment wears on you after a while.

The realtor came last night, got his signs out of the front window, detached the lockbox from the doorknob, and removed the curbside sign. He commisserated with me over the precipitous drop in house prices in San Diego County and then took his leave.

I'm more at ease, now that I don't have to get the house looking absolutely perfect every time I go somewhere. No more having to hide my laptop and books behind the throw pillow on the couch when I need to run to the grocery store. No more having to get every single mug and spoon into the dishwasher and wipe down the countertops again for good measure when I leave for church. No more having to make sure the miniblinds are open and the deadbolts are unbolted and the mail is shoved under the perfectly made bed before I go looking for a job.

No, it's going to be easier and quicker to get out of the house now. And even though I'm still getting used to the idea of allowing a lived-in look, I'm starting to like the thought of staying put for a while. On purpose.


janice said...

The 26 days our house was on the market I called that "living in 4 hour mode". All we asked was 4 hours before showing the house.

Yes, it stinks living like that.

SkyePuppy said...


Twenty-six days sounds like heaven! My house was on the market for 9 months, and the closest I got to a sale was a guy who wanted to buy it as long as he could get 100% financing. In this market? Dream on...

Now I can try to find where I put my World Vision girl's picture and get her back on the fridge.

Bekah said...

Welcome home for however long of a bit it ends up being! Will you be finding your hidden trasures for weeks to come?

SkyePuppy said...


Of course I will! I put some magnets on the fridge, but I haven't found Seche's picture yet. She's my World Vision girl, born September 12, 2001, in Malawi. The treasure of her picture is still hidden...

Malott said...

OK. This is none of my business.

But God's fingerprints are all over this one.

God's women, women like you, are never abandoned to meander about on unplanned terrain or unpaved road.

But you already know that.

I pray he kneads you tenderly and blesses you gently.

Christina said...

Welcome home (again).

Living in a transitional, up-in-the-air state is taxing. Even if it's temporary, it will be a welcome reprieve.

Enjoy searching for all the things you've hidden from yourself. I'm still finding Christmas presents that fall into that category.

SkyePuppy said...


I had to read what you wrote a couple times before I was sure I had it figured out (the subtle double negatives are tough before the morning's first cup of tea). So I got busy with other things before I came back to it.

It wouldn't surprise you to know I could say much more, but I'll go for the simple but sincere reply:

Thank you.

SkyePuppy said...


I'm still finding Christmas presents that fall into that category.

Oh, that's funny!

Between the trip with my mom and the house being for sale, I've misplaced more stuff than I know.