Monday, January 01, 2007

Bible Verses for Single Women

There are at least two.

I was reading Malott's Blog. He posted a verse from Proverbs about quarrelsome wives. That's not one of the Single Women's verses. That would be a man's verse. But when I was reading the comments, I noticed that All_I_Can_Stands mentioned Isaiah, and that got me to thinking about Isaiah 43:4, in the middle. You have to read it in the King James version, or it messes up the meaning.

I will give men for you.

Now, as a single (divorced, to be exact) woman, I find "a man" to be preferrable to "men," but I suppose one man would single himself out of the crowd eventually.

The other verse was pointed out by Single Woman, Luci Swindoll (Chuck's sister), at a Women of Faith conference.

Luke 9:23 If any man would come after me, let him.

When my church was building our new building, and before they put in the carpet, the congregation was invited to bring Magic Markers and write their favorite Bible verse(s) on the concrete floor. I wrote a verse about singing, I think Psalm 149:1, under the place where the Praise Team would be. In the sanctuary, I wrote Habakkuk 1:5, and in the Sunday School classrooms, I wrote something about studying the Word. In the Nursery, someone else wrote, "And they shall all be changed."

But one young woman told me she wrote the Luke Single Woman's verse on the floor in the High School room. Just the way you see it here. Perfect.


Anonymous said...

I think to consider the context of these verses would be nitpicking and legalistic.

You go, girl.

Bekah said...

I love this and so needed a good pick-me-up right about now! Maybe I should change my theme verse for the year...

SkyePuppy said...


Which one would you pick?

I like the Luke verse better, myself.

Bekah said...

Oh the Luke one all the way!! I think the other one tends to be my lot in life...the men who tend to pursue's just not good. I have this uncanny knack for somehow finding myself receiving attention from all the wrong ones. A right one would be a welcome change. Like, say, a single one instead of a married one? ;)

Anonymous said...

you do realize that both verses have been taken out of context.
the first is basically saying He will give the ones who bring honor to Him, people for their lives, be it husbands, friends etc. the second, however, is actually said by Jesus himself. not for men to follow women, but to follow Jesus.

however i do like this saying:
"a woman needs to be so in to God, that a man has to go through Him to get to her."


SkyePuppy said...


Yes, I know they're out of context. I took them out of context on purpose, tongue-in-cheek.

I like your saying, though. Thanks.