Monday, January 15, 2007

Five-ish Things

Bonnie over at Intellectuelle tagged Jan at The View From Her, who tagged me. And I'm a sucker for this stuff: "Five-ish Things I'd Like to Know About You."

1) What's the most fun work you've ever done, and why? (two sentences max)

I was a computer programmer for an airline. I loved learning from the inside about the way the airline industry works, and I got to go places for cheap.

2) A. Name one thing you did in the past that you no longer do but wish you did. (one sentence max)

Play in the mud.

B. Name one thing you've always wanted to do but keep putting off. (one sentence max)

The one thing left to do, out of the three things I said I always wanted to do, is rent a canal barge and go all around France or England or Scotland in it, but I'm not sure that's it anymore.

3) A. What two things would you most like to learn or be better at, and why? (two sentences max)

I'd like to learn Polish better, in case I go back to Poland again, so I can show everyone, especially Czarek, that I've improved since last time.

I'd like to be better at taking the kind of risk that opens me up for rejection but that has the kind of reward I long for--like writing for publication.

B. If you could take a class/workshop/apprentice from anyone in the world living or dead, who would it be and what would you hope to learn? (two more sentences, max)

Right at this time, I could use the Clean Sweep team to come and help me learn to part with unnecessary stuff and then stay on top of things. I've got a house sale and an RV trip to get ready for.

4) A. What three words might your best friends or family use to describe you?

Smart, fun, "the Bible goddess" (That last one is from one particular friend. Yes, I know it's heretical (and three words, besides), but I can't make her change it.)

B. List two words you wish described you:

Unemployed (from the job I have now--soon...)

Soprano (not the TV show, but the singer who can hit the high notes and sound good doing it)

5) What are your top three passions? (can be current or past, work, hobbies, or causes-- three sentences max)

Blogging/writing--I can't not do it.

Photography, because it's perfect for someone with an artist's eye but not an artist's hands.

Talking to people, especially people with an accent, because there's nothing like getting to know someone who's different from me and then being able to laugh with them over the things in life that are common to all of us.

Five people to tag: I'd tag Charlie, but Bonnie got to him first. Christina, Malott, Janice, All_I_Can_Stands, WordSmith from Nantucket.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I played along, but only because you put me before Malott on your list to tag!