Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Blogger

Blogger has tracked me down and forced me to cry, "Uncle!"

I tried to do a quick post this morning, and it forced me to switch right that minute to New Blogger, but because I have over 800 posts, it tied up my blog almost the whole day.

And now on my comments, it appears Malott has been changed to "Anonymous" and Janice has lost her link. I don't know yet what other collateral damage has been done.

Am I whining? You bet I am.


Malott said...

This will not do.

I will cease posting comments on this Blog if I do not get full credit for them. Especially if it's about dead cats.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

As if I did not already have time constraints keeping me from posting, now I have another excuse not to post. I will be forced by the blogger gestapo to switch the next time I post. Sigh. I wanted to be the last holdout.

janice said...

Keep whining Skye, I've sent so many emails to blogger regarding my troubles.

I don't like the new blogger. Ever since I made the switch, I'm unable to load pictures and on some blogs I can't log in and lose my link.

Christina said...

Sorry, Skyepuppy. I noticed that you were "transitioning" from the old blogger to the new for quite a while, but I expected a post extolling the virtues of the new and improved blogging experience.

I actually prefer the new blogger, though signing in is a bit more difficult, but nothing I can't handle. I hope things get straightened out for you soon.