Thursday, January 25, 2007

Taking Away the Minivan

This is all it takes to total a minivan. Buckled hood (still latched). Bumper pushed down a little. Grill pushed up a little. Side light covers knocked from their moorings. And the license plate and its frame banged up. That's it. The repairs would exceed the value of the minivan.

I'm not really broken up about this. Our old minivan, the dark red one, gave us 248,000 miles of faithful service before she blew a gasket. Her name was Van-essa. She took us places, like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. She carpooled high school kids and ladies' outings at church.

The green van just couldn't compete. For starters, it's a '94, which means it has those horrible automatic seatbelts that try to choke you when you open the door and then start to get out. Van-essa was a graceful '96 model with normal seatbelts. The green van doesn't even have a name.

My daughter says she's keeping more space in front of her now, when she drives. We wouldn't want the beautiful new Honda to go the way of the minivan.

Fauxtography warning: This picture has been Photoshopped to remove an annoying object in the lower left corner and to obscure the license plate.

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