Thursday, January 18, 2007

The New Car is Here

The sellers are the nicest people you'd ever want to buy a car from. They're moving to the Bay Area, though, so you'll have to go there to find them.

I met them at my bank, so I could write them a check for the balance of the sale price, and then they could get their cash with me available to tell the bank that it was fine with me.

The husband arrived first and had all the paperwork ready. In the last couple days, he got the car smogged (the seller's duty in California) and, because it was due in 300 miles, he also got the oil changed. He said it wouldn't be right to sell it to someone and tell them they need an oil change right off the bat.

His wife arrived with the vehicle a few minutes later. She had filled up the tank with gas.

They showed me as many of the unique features as they could think of: how to open the rear door (it's like a secret handshake), how to fold the back seats down for cargo. And then we all parted ways, with me leaving the car behind.

I brought my daughter back after she got home from work, so we could bring the new car home. On the way there, I told her I'd be driving the new one home and she'd drive the Toyota, but she was so excited about the new one, that she took it for a spin around the parking lot first, and then we came home.

All car purchases should be this great!


Charlie said...

That is a beautiful vehicle!. Great color, and it sounds like the former owners treated it well. Congratulations!

SkyePuppy said...


Yes, I absolutely love the color. I'm so sick of dark red/burgundy. Four out of the last five vehicles I've had have been that color red. It's good to have blue!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! It sounds like you really did have the ideal car-buying experience. I'm glad everything worked out great and I hope you thoroughly enjoy getting to know your new vehicle.

I like the color too...

janice said...

I love the color Skye. My Camaro is the same color. We have great taste!

Good luck with your new SUV!