Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Palestinian State

WorldNetDaily reported today about a planned summit in the Middle East.

The Palestinians are expecting a summit slated for later this month mediated by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to lead to final status negotiations and the establishment of a Palestinian state, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told WND in an interview today.

"I seriously believe Israel and the Palestinians will use the summit to move in the direction of final status negotiations and a solution, because I think we are realizing the only way to create peace is a Palestinian state," Erekat said. (emphasis added)

Erekat is either lying like a rug, or he's looking at the longterm "peace" that will come for the Palestinians right after Israel is destroyed. Because that's the only way a Palestinian state will create peace.

Caroline Glick's column January 30, 2007, in Jewish World Review (HT: Hedgehog Blog) talks about the Palestinian state that already exists.

This state was officially founded in the summer of 2005, when Israel removed its military forces and civilian population from the Gaza Strip and so established the first wholly independent Palestinian state in history. Israel's destruction of four Israeli communities in Northern Samaria and curtailment of its military operations in the area set the conditions for statehood in that area as well.

And so it is that as statesmen and activists worldwide loudly proclaim their commitment to establishing the sovereign State of Palestine, they miss the fact that Palestine exists. And it is a nightmare.

In the State of Palestine 88 percent of the public feels insecure. Perhaps the other 12 percent are members of the multitude of regular and irregular militias. For in the State of Palestine the ratio of police/militiamen/men-under-arms to civilians is higher than in any other country on earth.

In the State of Palestine, two-year-olds are killed and no one cares. Children are woken up in the middle of the night and murdered in front of their parents. Worshipers in mosques are gunned down by terrorists who attend competing mosques. And no one cares. No international human rights groups publish reports calling for an end to the slaughter. No UN body condemns anyone or sends a fact-finding mission to investigate the murders.

In the State of Palestine, women are stripped naked and forced to march in the streets to humiliate their husbands. Ambulances are stopped on the way to hospitals and wounded are shot in cold blood. Terrorists enter operating rooms in hospitals and unplug patients from life-support machines.

In the State of Palestine, people are kidnapped from their homes in broad daylight and in front of the television cameras. This is the case because the kidnappers themselves are cameramen. Indeed, their commanders often run television stations. And because terror commanders run television stations in the State of Palestine, it should not be surprising that they bomb the competition's television stations.

SO IT WAS that last week, terrorists from this group or that group bombed Al Arabiya television station in Gaza. And so it is that Hamas attacks Fatah radio announcers and closes down their radio station claiming that they use their microphones to incite murder. Because indeed, they are inciting murder. What would one expect for terrorists to do when placed in charge of a radio station?

I have not stopped being dismayed by President Bush and Secretary of State Rice over their approach to the Israel/Palestinian situation. As Glick said, they continue to "loudly proclaim their commitment to establishing the sovereign State of Palestine." But their proclamations don't seem to be based on any of the facts on the ground.

Fatah is no less a terrorist organization than when it was the PLO run by the murderer, Yasser Arafat. Hamas may be even worse. There will not be peace until both organizations have been destroyed and the Arab people of the "Palestinian" territories start choosing peace-loving leadership for themselves. Until then, we should help Israel seal off Gaza, and then leave the Palestinians alone and let them destroy themselves.

Any other action on our part will be futile.


Malott said...

Great post.

In regards to the Great Palestinian State - the joke and tragedy of our times... I would only comment that - surely George and Condi know what's going on. But sometimes you go through the motions. You keep up appearances. You smile and read your lines - because the alternative is worse.

janice said...

How they've governed themselves since the Israelis pulled last year isn't covered by the media because they're afraid. It's like "Mad Max." And we need not rehash the destruction of the greenhouses, shopping centers and residential homes. All could have been used to support a regional government.

If a state ever becomes a reality, what will become of all their violent tendencies? An Olympic soccer team on par with the "Bad News Bears?"