Friday, February 16, 2007

Sort of a Day Off

We get three Personal Days off every calendar year where I work, and they fall under the category of Use It Or Lose It. So I used one to take today off, but then I had to bring my work laptop home to finish up some work that wasn't ready until today. And I've probably already spent half a day doing work.

My Top Three plans for today were:

1. Sleep. At least eight hours. I haven't got more than about five hours of sleep each night all week, what with class and working late all the time. Got that.

2. Go to the muffler shop near home, where I saw that they do tow hitches. I wanted an estimate on getting my car ready to be towed. The big RV dealer in our area had estimated about $6,000, and when I turned white with my eyes bugging out, they came down to $4,500. I guess their first estimate included gilding the car. For the second price, they'll only coat it with silver. The muffler shop's estimate was around $1,300 for the fancier (and easier for a couple women to handle) package. No gold. No silver. Not even copper. It sounds much better than the RV shop.

3. Make more flashcards for Anatomy class. I'm falling behind on studying for the same reason I've been falling behind on my sleep. I still need to do that today.

For the long weekend, my friend in San Diego and I are supposed to get together tomorrow and do something. No idea what we'll do. Sunday, I have nursery duty at church during the third service. All the rest of the time will be spent studying the names of cranial bones, trying to memorize tissue samples, and trying to learn enough chemistry that I don't flunk our first exam this Thursday.

Now that you know about my wild-living ways, how about you? What are your plans for the holiday weekend?


Malott said...

It's my life's long ambition to work for an employer who considers President's Day a holiday...

My employer recognizes 6 holidays per year... I usually work two of those.

This "Holiday" weekend I'll be shoveling more snow and taking water to ungrateful cats.

You have a good time, buddy.

SkyePuppy said...


When do the grateful owners of the ungrateful cats come back home?

Malott said...

Should be some time on Monday.

So far, the cats have survived.