Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Thing of Beauty

Yes, Altoids have come out with Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints. This tin has the Peppermint flavor. Ooohhh!!!

Beware, though, because they have also dipped the Cinnamon flavor, and the tin looks almost the same. Be sure to read the flavor before purchasing.


Christina said...

Yum! I just bought a similar tin of mints that were put out by York (the peppermint patty people). I had such high hopes for them, but they're just so-so. Next on my list to try...the Altoids!

janice said...

Oh Skye, I thought I was the only one excited about this!

My sister-in-law offered me one over the weekend and I fell in love with them. Sunday afternoon I was out pounding the pavement looking for them.

Chocolate, what a beautiful thing!