Saturday, February 10, 2007


The only pants I have that fit well are my jeans. Two pair. All my other pants are too big, because I've lost just enough weight to notice.

Back in early September (when it was still hot here), I bought three pair of corduroy pants to wear in the winter. As I remember, I got them at Penney's. Now that they're the droopiest pants I have, I went back to Penney's to get a smaller size, but the salesgirl just gave me a blank look when I asked.

"There might be something on that clearance rack over there," she told me. There wasn't.

I should have known, though. It's February. Everyone is supposed to buy a swimsuit and some sundresses now, because that's all they have at the store. It's frustrating the way they sell winter clothes in August and summer clothes in February, as though you know what will look good four months from the time you bought them.

So now I'm stuck with a bad choice for my work clothes (we only get to wear jeans to work on Fridays and rainy days). I can either keep wearing the baggy pants (my dresses are mostly for summer), or I can try to take them in. I'm good at sewing, but corduroy is very exacting--the mistakes will show. It will be a measure-twice-cut-once assignment, should I choose to accept it, and between work and memorizing histology slides for Anatomy class, I'm not sure I have the time to devote to it right now.



Malott said...

Land's End Is a nice place to shop, once you get the hang of the sizing. And since they rely on repeat customers, their service and easy returns are terrific.

I bought a pair of Levis at Kohl's during my vacation. I believe that's the first time I've bought pants in a dept store in probably 20 years.

You can buy winter clothes in the winter... if they're the perennial sellers.

janice said...

Newport News has some really nice clothes at very reasonable prices. And they're true to size. You can shop on-line where they'll give you free shipping on most items.

I like Lands End. I used to buy all of Christopher's oxford button down shirts and polo's when he was in St. Monica's Elementary School.
They last forever and once I got the sizing down I was able to buy them to last for 2 school years.

SkyePuppy said...


You forget that men and women are shaped differently. I think it's easier to get sizing figured out for men & boys.

But I'm a pear shape, not the standard apple/cylinder shape that all the women's pants are made for. Usually, when I find pants to fit in the hips, the waistband sticks out so far in the back, that my little dog Abby could curl up in there and take a nap.

Levi's usually has a style or two of jeans that aren't too big in the waist, so a belt takes care of that. But with non-jeans, I just have to keep trying them on until I find something that looks decent enough or that looks like they can be easily taken in (What Not To Wear finally taught me that I might have to become best friends with an alterations person). Catalogs are only good to me for tops and dresses.

But there's a Kohl's near me, so I might look there next weekend.


CG said...

You could try a tailor. I have been pleasantly surprised a few times while using a tailor to do repairs. They aren't as expensive as new clothes and then you still get to keep and wear your favorites except they will fit better.

SkyePuppy said...


The lady who took in the waistband of my now-baggy black slacks was really nice and did a good job for a good price. But she's near my house and is only open until 6:00, so I'll have to plan ahead for getting my pants to her for the repair job. Maybe this Friday when (if) I have my day off.

Bekah said...

Isn't that seasonal shopping thing the most frustrating?? I went clearance shopping myself last week - just to feel out what was there for when I have money to spend on it - and there was spring stuff everywhere!!! So I'll stock up on all this stuff and when I wear it next year, people will say, "yeah that was last year's stuff, wasn't it?" Oh the joy of working among fashion conscious college students.....

Good luck with the tailoring - should you choose to try!