Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Signs At Work

Signs have been going up at work lately. Oh, there are a couple that have been up for a long time in the breakroom. One announces the dates and times of refrigerator cleaning. The other one is on the ice maker and warns not to leave the door ajar, lest the ice cubes become one massive block of ice fit for nothing more than being hefted into the sink to slowly melt (and give people like me a bit of fun with water and ice).

The new signs, though they start with, "please," are a bit more pugnacious. No doubt they've been created by one of the admins, who have more ready access to fancy colored paper and color printers, and who usually have a more proprietary view of our workplace.

Please ensure door closes behind you.

This one showed up a few weeks ago on the door from the elevator into the work area (our floor requires a badge for entry). It annoyed me, and I was sorely tempted to add a retort like, "Please ensure the door is repaired, so it will close by itself." But I thought better of it, because the kind of people who put up signs like this are the kind who would seek and destroy the transgressors, without seeing the least bit of humor in it (and without getting the door repaired).

I got used to the sign and learned to ignore it. But today, new signs showed up in the Women's restroom:

Please do not leave inappropriate personal hygiene items in the stalls. Clean up after yourself.

The first sentence was printed in red, and the second sentence in black. It's posted on the wall and on the door of each stall in the restroom.

This raises the question, what personal hygiene items are appropriate to leave in the stalls? There's no telling. Only the humorless would leave signs like this one.

Again, though, I have to keep my mouth shut. Sigh!


Charlie said...

Funny. Like you, I'm sorely tempted to add a sarcastic response to signs like these. I have a co-worker who posts signs whenever he is bothered by something. He had posted a sign on the men's room door that said "Turn on the fan if needed!" He doesn't like using the word please. Last week, that sign was gone and a new one was up, "Always turn on the fan when you enter the rest room, not when you leave!"

It's hard for these people to work with the rest of us, I guess.

Malott said...

There are signs up everywhere in the lab where I work. I'm oblivious to every one of them.

Our signs are very polite, but they are legion.

SkyePuppy said...


Are you familiar with the Meyers-Briggs Temperament types? Your coworker is SJ: Life must have order, and the failure by others to adhere to the proper order is a source of stress. Pity the guy...


I would imagine in a lab the signs are along the lines of, "Be sure not to hurt yourself." One for every piece of equipment or other hazard. Am I close?

All_I_Can_Stands said...

I have been wanting to leave signs in the men's bathroom stalls to promote the lifting of the seat when standing.

The best one I could think of is:

"If I am murdered, you do not want your DNA on my rear end. Please lift the seat if standing."

Sorry for the crass bathroom humor.

SkyePuppy said...


Your sign has the ring of helpfulness to it.